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St. Supéry Estate Vineyards and Winery

NetJets Vintner Circle Preferred Vintner

Producing 100% estate-grown Napa Green®-certified wines, St. Supéry® maintains optimal control of their product from start to finish.

Rich in History and Sustainability

The doors of St. Supéry officially opened on Highway 29 in Napa Valley in 1989, but the history of the vineyard and winery began back in 1920 with Robert-Elie Skalli in Algeria. His son, Francis, developed the family estate in Corsica, France, in 1961. Francis’ son, Robert, then traveled to Napa in 1982 and purchased Dollarhide®, a 1,535-acre cattle ranch in Napa Valley now home to nearly 500 acres of St. Supéry’s vineyards. Shortly thereafter, the Skalli family purchased an additional 56 acres in Rutherford, where the winery is currently located. In 2015, St. Supéry was purchased by Chanel, Inc., which currently owns three Bordeaux chateaux and a wine estate on the island of Porquerolles in Provence.
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“We appreciate our partnership with NetJets as they share our passion for philanthropy and sustainability. NetJets’ generational brand loyalty is aspiring; we are delighted to introduce our wines to new wine enthusiasts that are equally committed to ensure a better future for generations to come.”
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A Leader Among Vintners

Certified as both Napa Green Land and a Napa Green Winery, St. Supéry prides itself on sustainable practices. The program represents a soil-to-bottle approach to environmental stewardship and winemaking, integrating holistic management practices at every step of the process. Byproducts such as the grape seeds, skins, and stems leftover after crushing are composted and returned to the vineyards as fertilizer; a rooftop solar array offsets about 80% of the winery’s energy bill; and strategic planting of vegetation such as nasturtium, marigolds, and dill act as natural repellants of harmful insects.

The vineyards are planted to welcome natural visitors, including beneficial insects, and add essential nutrients to the soil and limit erosion. This also helps eliminate the use of fungicides and regulate fruit exposure to the sun to obtain optimal flavors of wine. The habitation of Western bluebirds is encouraged—100 bird boxes were installed—to help control populations of damaging insects. These efforts do more than heighten the quality of St. Supéry wine—the industry-leading sustainability efforts protect and preserve vineyards for future winemaking.
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Partners with


Both St. Supéry and NetJets are committed to the Naples Winter Wine Festival®, Auction Napa Valley®, and other charitable events. We aim to collaborate with partners who also share our dedication to operating more sustainably. We appreciate not only St. Supéry’s method of growing and harvesting environmentally responsibly but also their focus on charitable giving to causes that align with those of NetJets. Learn more about NetJets’ philanthropic outreach and sustainability initiatives. Arrow Right Icon