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March 2019

Flight Operations Quality Assurance

Another Way We Prioritize Safety
What Is FOQA?
Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA), a form of flight data monitoring, captures, records, and analyzes flight parameters to identify trends and potential safety hazards. This voluntary safety program is another example of the way NetJets focuses on safety over everything else.
How It Works
Black box recorders on NetJets aircraft offer a routine download and analysis of flight data. From this, areas for improvement for flight quality are identified. Then these lessons learned are leveraged to enhance training, efficiency, procedures for airports, and many other aspects of operation, such as aircraft operating procedures. 

Why We Do It
Most business aircraft are not equipped with a flight data recorder unless required by regulation. This is only the case for aircraft with 10 or more seats. But at NetJets, the majority of our aircraft are equipped with flight data recorders. One example of applied FOQA is that of runway overrun prevention. Accurate speed and touchdown point control is a primary influencer of runway overrun risk. Reporting of trend information is shared monthly with the crews. This awareness combined with reinforcement in simulator training leads to behavioral changes and increased safety margins. During this classroom instruction and rigorous training in full-motion flight simulators, crews are able to practice—and perfect—real-life situations, some of which are inspired by insights gathered from the data captured on our aircraft. This is how FOQA successfully works toward reducing risk and improving flight quality.
Safety at NetJets
Learn more about the detail-oriented safety culture that surrounds every aspect of flight operations at NetJets.
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