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Flying phobia?

Turn the fear of flying into fortitude.

The comfort of our Owners is of the utmost importance to us. When we learn that one of our passengers has a phobia of flying, we want to do everything possible to provide reassurance prior to—and during—the flight.

Educating our Owners

Some of this reassurance begins in our Flight Center. We are the only private aviation company with a full-time, in-house staff of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved meteorologists. Prior to any flight, an Owner can speak with one of these weather experts. Learning about how they meticulously track the weather 24/7 will help put restless minds at ease. Also, it’s important to note that our Flight Operations Team works side by side with our meteorologists, constantly adjusting flight plans to provide the most stable, comfortable paths possible.
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“I was so impressed with the way NetJets not only informed us of the impending weather, the possibility of delays and/or turbulence … but allowed us to talk in length with the scheduler, meteorologist, and pilot to determine our best option [when scheduling a flight]. Thank you for a job well done.”
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Providing the ultimate in comfort

Our aircraft are always stocked with premium comfort items: fine pillows, lush blankets, sleep masks, luxurious socks, and more. Our Owner Services Team may also request that an aircraft be stocked with specific must-haves like anti-nausea and motion sickness medicine, ginger ale, stress-relieving essential oils, adult coloring books, and anything else that a passenger with a phobia of flying may need. Once the passengers are on board, the pilots will review the flight plan and any weather updates with the Owner. NetJets pilots are also more than happy to explain the cause of turbulence and any aircraft noises that are frequently heard while in-flight. After takeoff, when adverse weather conditions exist, our meteorologists are in constant contact with the pilot and crew to ensure the safest, most comfortable flight possible. And our pilots will alert Owners of upcoming turbulence and will include them in decision-making regarding any changes in flight plans, including any resultant delays.
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“My daughter is VERY nervous flying. The pilot had her come up to the cockpit and explained what was going on with the plane. … This was the single most positive impact she had ever experienced flying. She was like a different person when we were landing.”
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Building Trust

Our proven safety practices exceed industry standards. These include our dual-release dispatch—a unique protocol that requires mutual agreement between a licensed dispatcher and our pilots. We are the first—and only—private aviation company to reach the highest level of the FAA’s Safety Management System Program. And we hire only the most experienced pilots who then, for safety reasons, focus their expertise on one type of NetJets aircraft. You can rest assured that when you fly with the worldwide leader in private aviation, your safety and comfort will always be our top priority.
“I hate bumpy air; (NetJets) pilots are always kind to brief me on any potential discomfort and never make me feel bad for being a little bit of a nervous flyer. Their professionalism and kindness is much appreciated!”
Owner since 2016
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