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Only NetJets can provide the individualized focus and personalized care that you deserve. That’s because we do it with a practiced simplicity gained from 55+ years of operational excellence. We’re proud that the strong personal relationships we build inspire Owners to pass down their NetJets ownership through their families and businesses. That’s why we call NetJets a legacy brand. Our partnerships with our Owners last for generations. In fact, fostering this level of loyalty has resulted in more than one-third of our Owners flying with us for 10 or more years.
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“We believe it’s our unparalleled commitment to safety and personalized service that encourages our Owners to stay with us year after year, and generation after generation.”
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Through honest conversation and thoughtful interactions, we get to know our Owners and their assistants so well, we can anticipate their needs and authentically surprise them. From celebrating milestones onboard to ensuring the comfort of our Owners’ pets, we prove time and again that we are invested in building long-term relationships. Our Owner Services Teams learn their Owners’ preferences and with a heightened attention to detail, proactively make recommendations to provide exceptional travel experiences every time they fly.

Now and Always


Our Owner Services Teams are dedicated to creating exceptional experiences for every Owner and committed to personalized service every hour of every day. For the duration of the pandemic, these Teams have been regularly checking on their Owners. This genuine interest in our Owners’ safety and well-being is just another example of how we foster loyalty with every single individual. And for those Owners with travel needs, it is of vital importance that our Owner Services Teams keep our Owners informed and set expectations accordingly. They’ve done this by effectively and frequently communicating new restrictions and quarantine rules—some that change daily, even hourly—as well as weather forecasts, COVID-19 updates, and details about exclusive events. Our Owners can find comfort in knowing they can count on us for anything.


Our commitment to exceptional service extends to doing everything in our power to safeguard the health of our Owners. This includes an industry-leading, multi-tiered cleaning and disinfecting program rigorously applied across every one of our aircraft. Learn more about what we are doing to keep our Owners and employees safe during this critical time. >

Trusted Vendors and

Industry-Leading Service Standards


From in-flight dining to ground transportation, all our vendors are carefully chosen, meticulously guided, and held accountable to be an extension of the NetJets service standard.
Our long-standing caterer partnerships, some averaging 25+ years, are built on mutual respect. At the heart of these relationships is communication. Unique to NetJets, we provide every catering vendor with a NetJets spec book. This ensures expectations are met and provides consistency across 2,000+ suppliers. During the pandemic, we meet regularly with vendors to share best practices and review any additional safety steps necessary, like creating set schedules for food contact surfaces to be regularly sanitized.
At least once a year, we host a summit at NetJets headquarters to meet with the top aviation caterers in the world. During this time, we spend days troubleshooting our shared challenges and, together, brainstorming ways in-flight dining can improve. The result is an elevation of standards and processes that is felt across the entire industry.

Ground Transportation Partnerships

NetJets only partners with the top ground transportation providers in the industry. Like NetJets, they are taking specific measures to increase safety and cleanliness. For example, prior to each rental, every car is cleaned and disinfected using enhanced techniques, with special attention given to interior customer touchpoints.



One of the ways we’re able to adjust our in-flight offerings during COVID-19 is by leveraging our exclusive Signature Selections Menu. This seasonal, location-based menu is highly agile and enables us to now offer more individual trays rather than shared group trays.
Learn more about in-flight dining
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Behind the scenes,
Precision and care

Experience personalized service and precise flight operations

Our flight operations are achieved quietly, with exacting efficiency and accountability. When a flight request is received, numerous teams respond in unison, creating itineraries, monitoring weather patterns, and matching aircraft to specific Owner needs.
    Every aspect of your flight is planned, coordinated, and confirmed by your dedicated team, available 24/7, every day of the year, including weekends and holidays. Because that’s often when you need us most.
    Beyond keeping you comfortable in-flight, our highly trained flight attendants are responsible for ensuring your safety and security on board every flight. Supreme professionals, our flight attendants are trained in safety and medical procedures, and know how to make even nervous flyers feel at ease.
    The day of your flight, this team manages flight information, adjusts scheduling, and correctly and efficiently documents real-time events for the flight crew.
    These are the individuals who ensure catering, ground transportation, and any special event requests are seamlessly provided from a variety of trusted vendors across the globe.
    These intelligence gathering professionals constantly monitor, research, inspect, and analyze potentially problematic airport conditions before flights are cleared to land.
    NetJets’ full-time, FAA-approved, in-house meteorologists use state-of-the-art equipment to capture and interpret data, giving pilots and dispatchers up-to-the-minute weather reports prior to and during flights.
    Our government-licensed dispatchers earn special certification from the FAA. Prior to departure, both the pilot-in-command and a dispatcher must agree the flight can take off safely.
    To schedule both aircraft and flight crews, this department carefully accounts for crewmember duty rest limits and all routine (and unscheduled) aircraft maintenance.
    Any necessary maintenance is promptly and efficiently completed by federally licensed technicians to ensure your aircraft is accessible at all times.
    NetJets pilots are the most experienced in the industry. Prior to departure, they will evaluate every aspect of the flight including safety compliance, FAA notifications, fuel requirements, and runway conditions.
    Going abroad? Our team will do everything to get you there, from obtaining permits and simplifying customs procedures to conducting intelligence reports and 24-hour global monitoring.
Why our Owners choose NetJets
There is no greater testimony to our service than the words of satisfied Owners. Hear firsthand how NetJets enhances their travel experience.
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Meeting the Needs of our Youngest Passengers

We strive to provide memorable service to each and every passenger on board. Learn more about what we can do to create an unforgettable experience for our tiniest travelers.

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The whole family is


Furry family members are always invited onboard. And, of course, the cabin is thoroughly cleaned for each new trip.

Learn more about flying with pets >

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