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Sustainable Aviation Fuel

In an ongoing effort to make our operation more environmentally friendly, NetJets has made a significant investment in the production and utilization of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). This is because it is proven that SAF reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% compared with conventional jet fuel. We are thrilled to be the first private aviation company to buy a stake in the production of SAF and have committed to purchasing a minimum of 100 million gallons over the next 10 years.

SAF goes through the same quality tests as traditional fossil jet fuel and is proven to be a safe alternative. Manufacturers blend it with Jet A fuel and it becomes recertified, and NetJets has been fueling aircraft with this blend since our commitment to purchase three million gallons in the fall of 2020. The infrastructure to fuel with SAF is no different than that for traditional jet fuel.


The term flygskam, or flight shaming, describes trepidation over flying in recent years as individuals and business are concerned about the environmental impact of aviation. At NetJets, it is crucial that we build a business for all economic conditions, and this includes investing in the biorefineries that convert solid waste to sustainable aviation fuel. Nearly two billion metric tons of municipal solid waste is created each year worldwide. Through our partnership with WasteFuel®, a next-generation waste-to-fuel business, NetJets commits to reducing our carbon emissions while also reducing solid municipal waste.


The aviation industry produces almost 2.5% of human-made carbon emissions worldwide and nearly 40% of waste is improperly managed across the globe. It has been determined that SAF is the ideal energy solution to reduce both numbers. As the leader in private aviation, we align our efforts to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and focus on strong institutions that address global challenges. We make this commitment through several partnerships, including ClimateCare®, which directly supports carbon projects that align with these goals. Blue Skies®, our program that allows our Owners to fly carbon neutral, and our partnership with WasteFuel and leading infrastructure developer Prime Infra, who develops biorefineries in locations where solid waste management is a major problem, further support this mission.
At NetJets, we prioritize safety then service above all else. This includes our efforts to operate sustainably and our commitment to what matters most to our Owners, their guests, and our employees. Fly confidently, knowing NetJets will continue focusing every effort possible to be at the forefront of sustainable private aviation. 

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